Gwenda and the Animals GWENDA AND THE ANIMALS

by Tessa Dahl
illustrated by Korky Paul

ISBN (PB) 0140341250 Penguin
ISBN (HB) 0241127467 Hamilton Childrens

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Gwenda's first visit to the zoo with her mum, her twin baby brothers, her cousins, and her Auntie Rosie and her Uncle Mat wasn't fun at all. Gwenda just couldn't stand the way Uncle Mat teased the animals! So at the end of the day, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She wasn't going to go home - she would stay at the zoo and see if she could help the penguins and the lions and the pandas...

How Gwenda manages to transform the zoo into a better and happier place for all the animals makes absorbing and exciting reading. This is Tessa Dahl's first full-length story book for children, and it will speak straight to the hearts and minds of all young animal lovers.