Professor Puffendorf's Secret potions PROFESSOR PUFFENDORF'S SECRET POTIONS

by Robin Tzannes
illustrated by Korky Paul
Edition for learners of English
Activities and adapted text by Jane Cadwallader

Storybook: ISBN 019431913X
Cassette: ISBN 0194319180
Teacher's Pack (story with teacher's Notes in English): ISBN 0194319199
Oxford University Press

Professor Puffendorf is a famous inventor. Her laboratory is full of machines, bottles, and test-tubes... One day, she goes out and leaves her assistant, Enzo, with her pet guinea-pig, Chip. Enzo opens the TOP SECRET cupboard containing the secret potions.

This edition for learners of English contains:

  • the story told in simple language, especially for young learners of English. It includes vocabulary, topics and structures found in the first two levels of any Primary English course.
  • a write-in Activity Book with simple activities, songs, and a chant, based on the story.
  • a picture dictionary with key vocabulary from the story.

This edition of PROFESSOR PUFFENDORF'S SECRET POTIONS can be used by children working on their own at home, as well as in the classroom.

Also available:

  • A cassette containing the story, and the songs and chant in the Activity Book.
  • Teacher's Notes on how to tell the story and how to use the activities in the classroom.

Fantastic Inventions, Amazing Potions - and an unexpected ending!

Professor Puffendorf is famous for inventing amazing machines and potions. The story centres around what happens when her assistant, Enzo, uses her pet guinea-pig, Chip, to experiment with some very special potions...

The original illustrations, with their detail and humour, are accompanied by a simplified text suitable for young learners who have been learning English for approximately a year. The 16-page booklet is full of activities, puzzles, and games for children to complete and colour.

Teacher's Notes give guidance in exploiting the story and using the activities. Professor Puffendorf provides 6-8 hours of classwork, and will supplement any primary course. The story is narrated on the accompanying cassette.