Aesop's Funky Fables AESOP's FUNKY FABLES

by Vivian French
illustrated by Korky Paul
ISBN (HB) 0241136202
Hamish Hamilton

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Vibrant and subversive in style - here's Aesop with a difference.

With catchy rap-rhythms and witty retelling, Vivian French breathes new life into the famous Greek tales. Taking some of the best-loved Aesop characters, she captures their tricks and foibles with humour and affection. Add to this the sheer wild inventiveness and rich detail of Korky Paul's illustrations and you end up with the funkiest fables around!

Vivian French's contribution reads particularly well aloud, and this quality characterises her AESOP'S FUNKY FABLES, a title which should not deter buyers.

Her prose is alive with comic energy, and she uses rhymes, raps, and refrains that insist upon youthful participation. Classrooms will light up, given a teacher with a weakness for performance.

Korky Paul's leering wolves, grinning foxes and spinning hares whirl frenetically around the words, balanced by the occasional lugubrious tortoise or flock of sheepish sheep. There's no drawing breath until the last gasp of the last line.