by John Foster
illustrated byKorky Paul
ISBN (PB) 0192761269
ISBN (HB)0192760955
Oxford University Press

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Dinosaurs stuck in the bath, eating the fridge, knocking on the door, singing in the chorus, having a party, grinding up bones, bellowing, roaring, raving, dancing.

Tyrannosaurus Rex, part beast and part bird, Brontosaurus, as long as a cricket pitch, Diplodocus, plodding through the swamp, Ankylosaurus, built like a tank, Stegosaurus, who's a vegetarian, and finally the Dinosaur in the museum.

Here's a collection of poems about every kind of dinosaur you can think of - including the real reason why they all disappeared.

Most kids go through a dinosaur phase where they know all the facts and figures about these prehistoric giants. This lively collection of poems will tickle their funny bone as they read about trouble at a dinosaur cafe or about the dinosaur who took offence when a child inquired why he was purchasing a pair of slippers.

The illustrations are a luscious treat for hungry eyes. Sprinkled liberally with vibrant colour and an abundance of hilarious action, each picture is a perfect compliment for the poem.

Children will be hooked into listening to the poems found in this collection - they are pleasant to the ear when read. Many times parents shy away from reading poetry to children. Dinosaur poems will help children as well as their parents develop a love for this excellent, yet sometimes forgotten, form of literature.

I had thought it would be hard for Foster and Paul to follow their lively collection of DRAGON POEMS, but along has come a new collection bound to appeal to all those dinosaur fans. In this hilarious round, the dinosaurs take on human activities with often dire and funny results.

'At the dinosaur's party
They had a great time
They played HEAVY ROCK
and then ROLLED in the slime!'

Look our for some wiley word play, some highly imaginative use of word and picture, and a collection to send budding young rhymesters for pen and paper. Korky Paul's depictions of dinosaurs stuck in a bath, dancing in a chorus line, or serving up DinoCola with some weird pie are worth the price of the book alone.

With this they maintain a reputation of publishing the best selection of children's poetry anywhere!

Dinosaurs feature again in a book of poetry from two local talents, DINOSAUR POEMS by John Foster, illustrated by Korky Paul. In this light-hearted book there are poems about dinosaurs doing all kinds of things.

Each poem is accompanied by a brilliant illustration which will appeal to children aged six upwards. Excellent in value and content this book would make worthwhile present that would be enjoyed for a long time to come.

If you have seen and enjoyed the companion volume DRAGON POEMS then you'll know just what to expect. This is a collection of humorous poems about dinosaurs in every sort of situation - ŒAt the Dinosaurs' Party' (Trevor Harvey), ŒDinosaur Stomp' (David Harmer), ŒThe Bookoceros or Ancient Theasaurus' (John Cotton), ŒMy Pet Dinosaur' (Charles Thomson) - You get the picture! And pictures are what this book is also about, wonderful illustrations by award-winning artist Korky Paul. This is a must for the classroom or library. No child could fail to find enjoyment here.

First they brought us DRAGON POEMS and now - while Jurassic Park is still in every child's mind - we have DINOSAUR POEMS.

And what a delight they are, packed with delicious titles like Ode to an Extinct Dinosaur, A Stegosaurus is for Life and Trouble at the Dinosaur Cafe.

Compiled by John Foster - and heaven alone knows where he found some of them - they are illustrated by the brilliant Korky Paul in his inimitable fashion.

Every kind of dinosaur you can think of is included in this delightful compendium, which is bound to appeal to any child who loves the much-hyped beasts. HERTS ADVERTISER