by John Foster
illustrated byKorky Paul
ISBN (PB) 0192761536
ISBN (HB) 0192761528
Oxford University Press

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Wizards, magicians, enchanters, goblins, trolls, genies, unicorns, ogres, ghosts, phantoms.

Harry Hobgoblin's Superstore, Maxo the Magician, the Great Zobezank, Miranda the Queen of the Air, Mang, Katong, and the Crocodile King.

Here's a collection of poems about every kind of magic you can think of - even including the Marvellous Trousers.

MAGIC POEMS proves that if you look hard and commission well, it is possible to ring the changes on the hoariest of themes - even a witch can acquire a new broom. Korky Paul's illustrations effervesce as much as ever.
NEW STATESMAN, 5 DEC 97 Michael Glover

I thought the book Magic Poems was fun to read. I would say it would be for aged 9+. It is a great book to read if you love poems and magic. There are short and long poems you will enjoy. My particular favourite poem was ³Miranda, The Queen of the Air². It was about a panda and a lady called Miranda. I didnıt like ³The Moonıs Magic² very much because it is about taking bits of the moon away and I wouldnıt like that to happen.
THE DAILY ECHO, 30/3/98, Melanie Brown, age 10

This book was interesting and I felt I could put a lot of feeling into these poems while I was reading them aloud. I would recommend this to children over eight because some of the words are difficult. My only criticism is that it is very short and can be read quickly, so I think Iıll have to read it over again!
THE DAILY ECHO, 30/3/98, Laura Hewett, age 10