By Donna Boswell, illustrated by Korky Paul ISBN (HB) 1857073460 Tango Books

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When the Purple Mountain Monster leaves his cave one dark night, he has a most surprising adventure. And he makes a special friend.

In this humorous pop-up story by Donna Boswell, Korky Paul, the illustrator of such bestselling favourites as Winnie the Witch, The Fish Who Could Wish and Dinner with Fox creates a world of friendly monsters that children are sure to love.

The Purple Mountain Monster,written by Donna Boswell and illustrated by Korky Paul, is my pop-up book of the year. It concerns a depressive purple monster who doesn't think there is any point getting up to frighten people with his ill-favoured looks. But luck comes his way in the form of a luridly illustrated saucepan full of cockroaches (pull the lid off yourself). Other delicacies follow, and the final luxury is an unexpected friend (all ages).

Kate Kellaway, The Observer Review,
13 December 1998

The Purple mountain Monster by Donna Boswell, illustrated by Korky Paul, is a pop-up book with a lot of moving parts. It is about a three-eyed oddity called Wart who has a carbuncular nose, a taste for cockroach stew and no friends. He gets one in the end, but only by being a bit sneaky.