Korky's drawing
Gingerbread Man

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Korky Shakes Paws with Oliver



At the turn of the century—about four years ago—Korky got an email from an impertinent opera singer named Paul Austin Kelly. This tenor had written some songs for kids, and wanted to decorate his CDs with Korky Paul originals. First, Korky said, “Huh?” and then he said, “OK.” Korky liked the songs very much (especially one called Rappin’ Gingerbread Man) and agreed to create some of his special scribbles for the covers of Paul’s CDs. It was then that Walking Oliver was born!

Walking Oliver (named after a real live warm Weimaraner dog) is a company devoted to making great music for kids. And their families! Paul makes the music and Korky does the great scribbles of Oliver and his friends. You can see these Korky Paul originals throughout the Walking Oliver CD booklets, as well as on the Walking Oliver website. It’s a terrific relationship and Korky Paul and Paul Austin Kelly are very pleased to have met one another.

We hope you’ll visit the Walking Oliver website (www.walkingoliver.com) soon. You’ll be able to read about Paul and Oliver and all the other characters that make up this crazy gang. You can listen to many of the songs from the CDs and you can look at lots more of Korky’s fantastic drawings!

So, come on and check us out! Oliver doesn’t bite and he and Korky both promise not to sing!